Winter Adventure Time!

I LOVE WINTER! There are so many amazing activities to do outdoors come winter time! Some of my favorites include snowshoeing, cross country skiing and and downhill skiing. So much fun! For our weekly outdoor outing we usually head to the mountains to do one of the three. Sometimes we even make a weekend out of it and just soak up all that beautiful winter air for 48 full hours.

I also love getting cozy after a day in the cold crisp air. Hello hot chocolate in front of the fire! One of my favorite memories so far this year is last weekend Troy and I rented a cabin in the woods and snowshoed all of these great trails near our cabin both Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the day on Saturday we built a huge fire in the wood fireplace in our cabin and seriously never let the fire die down once over the 6 hours we sat in front of it just laughing, playing board games and even doing a puzzle! I would NEVER do a puzzle at home but being in the woods in front of a fire brings that out in me. It’s so relaxing and also fun for me! I think it’s so important to give your mind the opportunity to focus on new things every now and again. It works out the mind in a new way!

I’m looking forward to spending many more weekends and days in the snow on adventures with my Troy over the next few months. We’re even thinking of taking a roadtrip to Canada for epic skiing at cheap prices. I will keep you guys posted!

Love, Chloe