The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Did you know your body is made up mostly of water? Not only that, but our health is greatly influenced by how much water we drink. Fail to drink enough water and you might find yourself dehydrated with a headache and feeling unwell. On the other hand, drink plenty of water and find yourself purged of toxins and feeling healthy and energized!

I know we all struggle to drink enough water, and there have been a ton of gimmicks over the years to try to get us to remember to tip back enough cups of water during the day. I have tried a lot of different strategies! One thing I used to do is drink an entire litre of water as soon as I got to work. That inevitably made me need to go to the bathroom like clockwork an hour later. Then, on the way back from the bathroom I’d down another litre. Rinse and repeat!

I have also tried using one of those water bottles that shows you how much you should have drunk by whatever time of day, so you know if you are not drinking enough. Another technique I have tried is getting a really beautiful water bottle. If the aesthetic is beautiful, that tends to make me want to drink more water out of it!

I have had periods where I have stayed super hydrated, and I have had periods where I have been busy an fallen behind. And it’s in those periods that I have fallen behind where I tend to find myself getting cranky and suffering from migraines, which are totally by-products of dehydration.
Then again, there are times when I have managed to stay hydrated even during busy times (especially by using the first method noted above – a girl’s gotta pee, no matter how busy she is)! And it’s during those times that I’ve found myself more resilient to stresses and illness. More energetic, too.

I have made a new promise with myself to make this my most hydrated summer ever. My promise to myself is to drink 4 litres of water a day. I know what you’re thinking – “geez, that’s a lot of water!” But if you get into the habit, it should be easy, and it will definitely help my body purge itself of toxins. Anyway, wish me luck and stay tuned! ☺

Love, Chloe