Shopping Haul….!

Guys, you will not believe the amazing shopping haul I just went on! The other day, Troy and I were getting ready to go out for dinner and a movie, and I had absolutely nothing to wear!

I mean, I had plenty of stuff in my closet, but I just wasn’t excited about any of it and felt I needed freshen up my wardrobe with a few new pieces. Anyway, Troy, being the dream boat and supportive boyfriend that he is, suggested that we cancel our movie plans and instead go shopping for some new clothes!

I had been intentionally avoiding clothing shopping for some time, as I have a bit of an addiction and I was trying to keep my finances in better balance. But, when Troy flashed his credit card, I knew I couldn’t resist. He is so nice and supportive, and he has a great job and is really to help me out every now and then.

We started off by going to Neiman Marcus, which is a store that I absolutely love. I put on a little fashion show for Troy and we picked out some beautiful items including a really lovely Little black dress and some other cute outfits.

I think the little black dress will go so well at the work party that Troy is having in a few weeks from now, and the other items will be so perfect as the weather gets a little bit warmer. Something about shopping always lifts my spirits, I guess that’s why they call it retail therapy!

How about you guys? Have you picked up any nice items in your wardrobe recently?

Love, Chloe