Professional Attire for the Office

This summer I was going crazy over how casual everyone was dressing in the office! It’s hot, I get it, but shorts and flip flops are not office appropriate! My office is not super formal but still most people wear dress pants and dress shirts, or dresses and skirts for the ladies. No suits unless it’s a really important meeting! But then come summer all rules seem to fly out the window and suddenly no one cares about their appearance or looking professional for clients. It was driving me crazy! I don’t feel it’s my place to say anything directly to my colleagues but I did comment to my manager and she said she had noticed too and was going to send out an email. For a few days after the email went out people cleaned up their act… until the following week when it was 93 degrees and back to flip flops we go.

Has anyone else experienced this in a professional setting? I can’t do much about it other be annoyed. I’m trying to care less and not let it bother me. Don’t sweat the small stuff as they say right? I’m just glad I’m not the manager who has to tell her employees this like it’s not common sense. I guess I just make sure I look trim and professional and everyone else can look sloppy – only makes me look better right?! Ha.

Okay that’s the end of my rant. Now I’m dreaming about cozy sweaters and scarves for fall. And boots! I need a new pair of boots. Online shopping here I come…

Love, Chloe