Musings on the Importance of Relaxing and Recharging

I have recently been thinking a lot about the importance of relaxing and recharging. There is no doubt we all live very busy lives, particularly if we live in a big, bustling city, like New York, where I live. We work big city jobs, go out with our friends on the town, and usually live in tiny, shoebox apartments with lots of people all around us. As fun as all of that is, we can’t doubt that it has some effect on our health.

As a result, my boyfriend and I have recently vowed to escape the big city and spend at least one full day in nature for every six days spent in the city. Not only that, but my two best girlfriends, Jenna and Kim, have vowed to do the same things with their boyfriends, and sometimes we all escape into nature together. I have got to say, the results have been incredible! My relationship with Troy has become so much better, because the time spent in nature is a total stress reliever, and gives us a great opportunity to reconnect. In addition, any time spent in nature is going to involve some exercise, which is great!

The other thing Troy and I really appreciate about getting into the outdoors is the abundance of fresh air. It’s really hard to notice just how dirty the air in the city is until you spend a bit of time away from it. Getting out into nature is a must to do, if only to give your lungs a chance to breathe some fresh air and exhale all the toxins you get from the big city.

Anyway, I am writing this on day six of one of our weekly schedules, which means that tomorrow is my day with Troy in the great outdoors! We’re thinking of renting a car and driving out into the country. The weather is looking like it’s going to be quite beautiful, so we’re very excited about it. I hope all of you have a lovely weekend as well!

Love, Chloe