Best Gluten Free Pizza Ever!

So, I don’t know if you know about this, but I recently went gluten-free. While it has had a ton of amazing health benefits, and I feel so much better, it also means that I can’t eat some of my favourite foods, including pizza. Bummer!

Pizza has been my favourite snack since, like, third grade. Not only did I love to eat it, but I loved to make it. Something about mixing up the flour and watching the dough rise also felt so soothing and relaxing. I even spent the summer working at Domino’s Pizza when I was 16! 🙂

Luckily, I recently found a way to have my cake and eat it too. There is this awesome pizzeria in Portland called the Mississippi Pizza Pub which makes excellent gluten-free pizza, all in a lovely atmosphere. I went there last night and had a great time. Check it out! Troy and I discovered them through this great blog post we found about gluten free pizza places in Portland.

Love, Chloe

Shopping Haul….!

Guys, you will not believe the amazing shopping haul I just went on! The other day, Troy and I were getting ready to go out for dinner and a movie, and I had absolutely nothing to wear!

I mean, I had plenty of stuff in my closet, but I just wasn’t excited about any of it and felt I needed freshen up my wardrobe with a few new pieces. Anyway, Troy, being the dream boat and supportive boyfriend that he is, suggested that we cancel our movie plans and instead go shopping for some new clothes!

I had been intentionally avoiding clothing shopping for some time, as I have a bit of an addiction and I was trying to keep my finances in better balance. But, when Troy flashed his credit card, I knew I couldn’t resist. He is so nice and supportive, and he has a great job and is really to help me out every now and then.

We started off by going to Neiman Marcus, which is a store that I absolutely love. I put on a little fashion show for Troy and we picked out some beautiful items including a really lovely Little black dress and some other cute outfits.

I think the little black dress will go so well at the work party that Troy is having in a few weeks from now, and the other items will be so perfect as the weather gets a little bit warmer. Something about shopping always lifts my spirits, I guess that’s why they call it retail therapy!

How about you guys? Have you picked up any nice items in your wardrobe recently?

Love, Chloe

Loving and missing my family!

I love my family! I’ve been thinking recently that life just isn’t meaningful without plenty of family all around you. Unlike most people I have a really big family. Six brothers and sisters in total, can you believe it? On the other hand Troy’s family is a whole lot smaller – it’s just him and his little brother.

Troy and I often compare our experiences growing up, and it’s really funny how different they are. On the one hand, I grew up not really having much privacy, and learning how to share with my siblings, whereas Troy is a bit more of an introvert and really needs his own space. I think that’s why we get along so well – as they say, opposites can attract.

Sometimes my family can drive me crazy, I must admit. I usually get a little bit of cabin fever when I spent four or five days with the whole family, nonstop. When that happens, I like to get away and get a break from them. on the other hand, if I spent too long away from my family, I really start to miss them. It can be really fun spending time with mom and dad, and all my brothers and sisters. It was really easy to grow up with all of them, and we didn’t really fight all that much. 

Anyway, I’m writing this after having spent many months away from my family, because I’ve been so busy with work and life with Troy. Fortunately, we’re about to have a big family reunion over the Christmas holidays, and I’m really excited about it! I guess I thought it would be a good idea to blog about family :-).

How about you guys? Do you have small or big families, and do you visit them often?

Hugs, Chloe

Staying Hydrated with a Copper Pitcher!

Troy got me the most interesting gift for my birthday this past weekend. I like to pride myself on being in touch with the latest health trends, but I had never heard of the health benefits of drinking from a copper pitcher until I received Troy’s gift!

Troy got me this amazing copper water pitcher. The website has a really interesting discussion of the reasons why drinking from a copper water pitcher can be so beneficial for your health. For example, copper can help support a stronger immune system, help keep your mind sharp, help kill bacteria in your water, and otherwise just help keep your body in tip-top health.

Even without all of the interesting ayurvedic health benefits, the copper pitcher is a work of art and absolutely beautiful! They are handmade and hand hammered to create a beautiful texture and aesthetic. My pitcher feels absolutely one-of-a-kind, and I love it!

They say that it’s best to fill up your pitcher and let it sit overnight, so that the water can become charged with the benefits of copper. You are then supposed to drink three or four cups immediately upon waking up in the morning. I’ve been doing this for a few days already, and I have already felt an improvement in my energy levels. Very cool!

It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially during an active day. I have a water bottle that I keep in my purse, and I started filling it up with water that I let sit in my copper pitcher overnight. That way I can take the best water available with me on my journey throughout the day!

How about the rest of you? How do you stay hydrated throughout your active days?

Love, Chloe

Musings on the Importance of Relaxing and Recharging

I have recently been thinking a lot about the importance of relaxing and recharging. There is no doubt we all live very busy lives, particularly if we live in a big, bustling city, like New York, where I live. We work big city jobs, go out with our friends on the town, and usually live in tiny, shoebox apartments with lots of people all around us. As fun as all of that is, we can’t doubt that it has some effect on our health.

As a result, my boyfriend and I have recently vowed to escape the big city and spend at least one full day in nature for every six days spent in the city. Not only that, but my two best girlfriends, Jenna and Kim, have vowed to do the same things with their boyfriends, and sometimes we all escape into nature together. I have got to say, the results have been incredible! My relationship with Troy has become so much better, because the time spent in nature is a total stress reliever, and gives us a great opportunity to reconnect. In addition, any time spent in nature is going to involve some exercise, which is great!

The other thing Troy and I really appreciate about getting into the outdoors is the abundance of fresh air. It’s really hard to notice just how dirty the air in the city is until you spend a bit of time away from it. Getting out into nature is a must to do, if only to give your lungs a chance to breathe some fresh air and exhale all the toxins you get from the big city.

Anyway, I am writing this on day six of one of our weekly schedules, which means that tomorrow is my day with Troy in the great outdoors! We’re thinking of renting a car and driving out into the country. The weather is looking like it’s going to be quite beautiful, so we’re very excited about it. I hope all of you have a lovely weekend as well!

Love, Chloe